1/7 - 4/7 SWISS VESPA 2010

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1/7 - 4/7 SWISS VESPA 2010

Messaggio  jimmi il Dom Feb 21, 2010 10:40 am

dal 01 luglio al 04 luglio

Dear Vespa- Fans,

The SWISSVESPA 2010 is a alternative program to the far far away Vespa World Days in Portugal and is adressed to Vespa Fans who will ride some curves in the lovely Swiss Alps. Due to the Feedback about the participation on the Vespa World Day a lot of peoples want also view the Soccer World Championships Quarter Finals. For this reason we organize a big TV screen to ride the day and watch the games with some beers in the evening.

We'll sleep in some special Swiss Hotels and Alp residences. The price is not ready 100% but it will be around SFr. 250.- including a night in the only swiss hotel without power, a night with halfpension on the Grimsel and the Grosse Scheidegg and the luggage transport.

How can you participate?
> Send a mail to info@skameraden.ch with your Name/Firstname/Place/E-Mail/Mobile N°
> As a first return you'll get the Postfince account number from the president of the Skameraden
> You'll pay until end of february SFr. 150.- /person and you are sign on definitiv
(The reason for this early sign on is to fix all hotels until beginning of march. All signed participants will be informed on more details of the tour and further remarks. Subject to modifications but the hotels are fix

If you have more questions you can contact the following persons:

Christian Ginsing (President Skameraden), info@skameraden.ch, +41 (0) 78 670 10 20.
Christian Steger (President Vespa Club Bern), vespaclubbern@bluewin.ch, +41 (0) 79 779 19 79.

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